Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stephen King's N

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If you haven't geeked out on Marvel Entertainment's animated adaptation of Stephen King's N, you should do that now. Then you should read the short story in Just After Sunset.

I'm not typically a big fan of King, but my husband is. After listening to Just After Sunset on audio book, he made me a nest on the couch and wouldn't share his popcorn until I listened to 'N.' It's a brilliantly creepy story about a psychiatrist who discovers the terrible reality behind a patient's psychosis. It will leave you contemplating the nature of mental illness and wondering what lurks behind seemingly irrational fears.

'N' hit me close to the heart. Like the title character, in times of stress I pick up all sorts of weird ticks and superstitions. For example, when I cross lines on the sidewalk I have to alternate which foot crosses first. Turns out, instead of just being neurotic, I'm helping keep the world whole.

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